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Personal Medication and Health Record Guides
Keep Track of Your Medications and Health Records With The Following Aids
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Keeping track of what medications you actually take and when, in addition to your chronic disease outcomes, will help your prescriber make accurate decisions about increasing and decreasing medication doses or additional (or removing) medications. By presenting copies of your completed records of what you took and when (including over the counter medications and supplements), you provide the doctor with data that can become part of your chart and aid in communication about the management of your health problems. This is of particular value should you be hospitalized and the physicians need your outpatient records. We recommend using charts such as the ones found here under Medication Records."
The information provided in this website is aimed at helping people become empowered through knowledge to help protect themselves from medication related harm. You should consult with your physicians before making any changes to your prescription regimen, including herbal, supplement and over the counter products recommended by your physician(s). Increased awareness about the medications and products you are taking will help you have an effective problem solving discussion with your physician(s) and care managers.
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