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Medication Management Clinic

What is Medication Management?

Who may potentially benefit from Medication Management?

Patients who may benefit the most include individuals who:

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Medication Management Clinic
Providing help to the geriatric community managing multiple medications
You’ve seen your doctors, you’ve filled your prescriptions, and now it’s up to you to make sure you are using your medications (alone and separately) safely. UofL Geriatrics offers a Medication Management Clinic to help protect yourself from medication injury while optimizing the medications that are working well for you.

Like many important health care services, the cost of medication management varies from one insurance provider to another. The average out-of-pocket expense is $60 for and hour long initial session. After initial sessions which are in-depth evaluations., follow up sessions require less time if needed.
The information provided in this website is aimed at helping people become empowered through knowledge to help protect themselves from medication related harm. You should consult with your physicians before making any changes to your prescription regimen, including herbal, supplement and over the counter products recommended by your physician(s). Increased awareness about the medications and products you are taking will help you have an effective problem solving discussion with your physician(s) and care managers.
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