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To fight the problem of polypharmacy through education, research and community outreach.
History and Evolution of the Initiative
The University Of Louisville School Of Medicine Polypharmacy Initiative is an initiative that resulted from the concern of a private citizen and philanthropist about the problem of polypharmacy. With the generous support of the donor, as well as her inspiration and ideas, we have been able to educate thousands of health care professionals around the country and within the University on how to recognize and address polypharmacy in their practice setting. We have also been able to provide educational and informational sessions for private citizens interested in learning more about the effects of polypharmacy by presenting to the Alzheimer’s Association, Rotary Club, and other interested groups.
Research is another significant part of the initiative because polypharmacy as we know it today is a relatively new phenomenon and a side effect of modern health care, thus research in this area is still in its early stages. Tying together the goals of education and research with community outreach is one of the primary goals of this website. The Polypharmacy Initiative donor and the University of Louisville feel strongly that it is together with the community that the problem of polypharmacy can most effectively be solved. The purpose of this website is to foster education, shared experiences and dialogue between the community, healthcare professionals and the polypharmacy initiative team to help provide resources to fight the problem of polypharmacy.
Fall Prevention and Medication Awareness
Follow the link above for information
regarding tips for safe medication use
and prevention of falls.
Follow the link above for information regarding prevention
of falls in community-dwelling of older adults,
recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.
The information provided in this website is aimed at helping people become empowered through knowledge to help protect themselves from medication related harm. You should consult with your physicians before making any changes to your prescription regimen, including herbal, supplement and over the counter products recommended by your physician(s). Increased awareness about the medications and products you are taking will help you have an effective problem solving discussion with your physician(s) and care managers.
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